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Humanitour is on the cutting edge of the tourism industry, creating a new and better way to experience Vietnam.  On the surface our innovative approach to tourism provides travelers with a unique cultural encounter with Vietnam, but that is only the beginning.

The money for the tours is put back into the community, where you can see the difference it is making, providing jobs, protecting the environment, and helping disadvantaged children.  You will learn about the heart of Vietnam, and the Vietnamese whose lives you touch will learn more about the heart of the world around them. Everybody wins.

Humanitour offers a number of different tours with a wide range of NGO’s and charitable projects in and around Hanoi. 

Travel Different; Take a Humanitour!!!


Travelers who would like contribute to disadvantaged children are given the opportunity to visit a charitable organization and see how their money will make a difference. 


Whether you help out at craft time, in the garden, or in the classroom, the delightful children you work with will touch your heart as much as you touch theirs. 


Get an authentic dose of Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and hospitality, all while helping to preserve Vietnam´s precious ecosystems through community based ecotourism.  

VolunTour (2 day)

Try a two day voluntour!  Travel to more remote organizations and sleep in a homestay and tour some of Vietnam´s lesser known cultural attractions. 

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Visiting the Friendship Village was one of the highlights of our trip to Vietnam. The children living there, as well as the staff and volunteers, were incredibly warm and friendly. It was also important for me that my children (aged 13, 12, 8), who are fortunate in so many ways, realize how blessed they are. I also want to develop in them a strong sense of community and volunteerism.

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